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Just a craftsman and gamer looking to share games and entertainment to those willing to watch

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All of my art is made by some amazing people! Overlays are made by @just_Joolz Find her at or on twitter @realjustjoolz Emotes by MakaniValur Find her on twitter @MakaniValur


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Music and Whatnot

In my stream I listen to Nintey9lives or ChilledCow Lofi mix. you can find more information about Ninety9Lives free group at Information about ChilledCow can be found at


Yes when I am turning I am playing with wood and all the innuendos that come with it, that is fine. - There will be no harassment of viewers - Please ask before posting links - If I or a mod asks to reign in the jokes, do so or your will be removed - Most importantly we are here to enjoy the company and be entertained, please leave the drama at the door. - Overall: don't be a twatwaffle


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If you want to support me in additional ways outside of just watching you can donate some money here. Please remember that all donations are final. If you have an issue, please get in contact with me and we can work something out. (fair warning, my bot will read out your messages)