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im just a gamer try to live my dream

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My Intentions

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My intentions for this stream are simple. I want to make a living off of streaming. I have a donation pages so i can save up for an Elgato, New Games, Controllers, Larger Hard drives, and A new gaming computer. Anything helps me, From a view to a follow, all the way up to a 50 cent donation.

My Schedule

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My schedule will be from 5pm to midnight everyday! There will be days I have morning streams and I will update everyone on Twitter when I do!

Another Donation Link

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If you would like to donate to my stream Click HERE! This would help me with batteries, controllers, headset ect. I would like donations to my paypal for MuT packs for giveaways! Thank you very much and have a nice day!


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Follow me on twitter!


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I will be posting broadcasts on youtube! stay tuned!

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