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Welcome living being...or dead I don’t judge. I am The Evil Floogen voice actor and rage comedy variety game streamer packed with explosive anger..Kaboom.. I am making a stream where you can laugh and have a great time. Make me sing or say lines in funny voices.


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You can catch The Evil Floogen variety show Monday Wednesday Friday from 7 pm to 10 pm EST.

About Me

Thanks for dropping by! It's about to get angry up in here. Sorry, you have been warned. My name is The Evil Floogen, and you might've come here for a fun zany random packed show with abrupt acts of anger. If so, welcome! I am a voice actor, gamer, anime watcher, media consumer, and explosively angry guy. My friends have chuckled at my outbursts for years. Now I invite you with a front row seat from whatever device may be in front of you. I'll be using Twitch to share my passion for gaming, voice acting, and also to hang out with some awesome viewers.... please be awesome viewers. I can have an extremely short fuse and am prone to explode with anger.... Should have called the channel The Exploding Floogen.... I am always down to collaborate creatively, stream team, and lend my voice and mind to projects. For inquiries, email My audio chain: Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin duo USB3 Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Condenser Microphone Mic holder: Blue Microphones Compass Desk-mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Arm with a rycote InVision INV 7HG MKIII

Chat rules

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PLEASE FOLLOW CHAT RULES Please be chill in here. If you're going to troll around or go out of your way to be overtly toxic, spammy, or all around annoying, you're probably gonna get timed out/banned from the chat... Example: Typing the N-Word by spelling it with an epic 'B' emoji, is probably gonna get you banned. No spamming, No links, No sh@t-posters No racist, bigotry, hate speechers, or going EXTRA out of your way to be edgy trying to get attention from me or the chat No self plugging, promoting PLEASE Don't nag me or anyone, or try to make special requests to me or mods Kick back, relax, and have a good time!


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Tips are never expected, but ALWAYS appreciated! Click the button above to contribute! As a new streamer in the community, you'll see very quickly that I am not equipped with the luxury of having high quality equipment at my disposal. Because of this, I have set some personal donation goals in order to reach that point and improve my stream for you!