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I’m Fabs. I try to find time to make dark and scary music and art. This is mostly a place where I play games and hang out in the chat with you all. Thanks for keeping me company!

I'm The Fabs.

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I love creepy scary things. I make animations, drawings, and music. It's my passion. Sometimes I play games.


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Help buy dinner!!!!!! You want me to starve to death????? You can easily and safely donate to The Fabs for being so cool and good and amazing, and type a message to appear on the stream!


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I work on a lot of creative projects. My passion is making music, art, animation and writing stories. Patreon helps me make more stuff on a regular basis, and help fund projects like The Finger Eater Ch. 2! Aaaaand there's a lot of little extra rewards you get for helping me out! Check it if ur feelin it, my dood.


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Follow my Twitter for daily updates. HELL YEAH.


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Check out my animations and other random stuff.
Commands: !followage = See how long you've been following this channel. !social = Get a convenient list of links for all my relevant social media. !FabsArt = Get a link to my stinky art. !FabsMusic = Links to some of the music I've made. !TheFingerEater = Get a brief description of my animated series The Finger Eater, and see where Ruby comes from, the black haired girl who stars in my Twitch emotes.