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Hi Twitch! My name is Loki i am 23 and i am playing games for more than 10 years already! Expect a ton of fun alongside me as my companion and even see me suffer in horror games for your entertainment! :)

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Hi everyone! My Name is Loki, i am 24 and i started to play games 10 years ago. I have many genres where i am playing, mostly different usernames but personality stays the same! :)

What do i do?

I am mostly gaming but i am also part-time into drawing but.. i am afraid to show unless i have practiced enough, maybe one day though. :) Always open for many things what YOU might enjoy are some horror games.. where i will scream and be in fear for your pleasure.
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If you want.. you can donate something, I am more than grateful and thankful for it.
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Be ever so sweet and join my Discord server if you wanna know stuff and share the love :3