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Oh Hey! Yeah its me the Original GuardianOutpost... I'm back. Not like BACK BACK but like back. Follow the channel and hit the Notifications so you can see when I am live.


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If you would like to leave a Tip you can do so to my CashApp its$SosyDavid Tips are appreciated and they help me grow the channel and they also help support my family

Welcome to David Alen Show

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Welcome to the DAVID ALEN SHOW Channel!!

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No Self-Promotion, I will promote you. 1. Be cool, respect yourself 2. Be nice, respect others 3. Respect the streamer. DO NOT post links to your stream and DO NOT self-promote. My Mods and I will be happy to do all that for you. 4. Chill out 5. Contribute positively 6. I encourage questions. 7. Have fun 8. BE NICE!

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Each new Sub supports the channel, my family, and me. Thank you!