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The Guild of Awesome are here to review, discuss, let's play, enjoy/hate video games of all genres.

Chat Rules

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1. Be respectful to the streamer and all other viewers - see rule 5 2.No spam/ trolling - why do people even do this??? - see rule 5 3.Don't spoil things - Tips/hints are welcome as long as you don't say "hey, after that dude dies go here", be more like "try shooting the thing" - see rule 5 4.English only, can't mod what you don't understand 5.Be awesome - It's not hard, I believe in you

Current schedule

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Tuesdays 7PM GMT: Fable 1 Good/Evil Wednesdays 7PM GMT: Mass effect 3 Paragon/Renegade Fridays 7PM GMT: Trine/Hitman 2

Our youtube channel

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All of my steams get edited and uploaded to Youtube, I also make game reviews and guides.

Computer Specs

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RAM: 32GB Processor: Intel I9-7900X Graphics card: Geforce 1080 Capture card: Elgato 60 pro Mic: Blue yeti


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Follow me on Twitter, I post any updates and random stuff there.


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Support us on Patreon, because copyright claims suck.


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Anything you donate will go towards improving the quality of our content like new streaming gear.