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Hi there! I'm a small streamer who enjoys playing chilled games such as Sims and Minecraft!

About Me

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Hi there! I’m Jake and thanks for clicking on my stream! I also go by the nickname of Digga as my initials are J.C.B hence why most of my in-game names involve Digga! Soooo a bit more about me, I’m currently 24 and married to my wife Fern who sometimes pops into stream as well as our little fart machine Rodger Rupert, who’s our little fur baby. Rodger also randomly barks so sorry in advance! I love good music mostly pop and rock but genuinely listen to anything. I also love watching movies so tell me your favourite film if you’re new and not sure on how to start a conversation with me :D. I enjoy playing games where I play and chat at the same time such as, GTA RP, Sims, Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Among Us, what games would you like to see me playing? emotes by: @georgiaiccky - Twitter

Instant Gaming

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Brilliant and Safe place to buy all your expansion & Stuff packs for the sims, as well as other popular games at a highly discounted price!


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Donations are really appreciated but also not necessary!! All of my donations will go into improving my stream which include emotes,overlays,games and PC upgrades


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Sound Effects

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At the moment these have all been removed :D

Amazon Wish List

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I was suggested to make a wishlist for things to do on stream such as lego for build streams! Apparently you can also add some dodgy items to be sent - have fun ;)