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From March 19, 2020 until June 9, 2023, pro musicians and longtime friends Kenny Friedman and Tommy Williams (TheHooters, Debbie Gibson) built an amazing, fun-loving community around their fast-paced, interactive Rock show. Videos here ->

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When live music shut down in New York City, Kenny Friedman (a vet from the local music scene) and Tommy Williams (TheHooters, Patty Smyth, Debbie Gibson) immediately started livestreaming to Facebook. After a full year - 52 weekly shows - we've had an amazing ride, with all-request concerts consistently lasting 5 hours on average and hundreds of new friends from across the US and Canada (and a few around the globe). We have outgrown Facebook and our second season will begin on Twitch on March 18, 2021. Who knows where this may take us? Kenny is aka "KennysProgRockJukeBox" on Twitch, and has been doing three Progressive Rock shows a week on Twitch since October 2020. We've called our show "Kenny & Tommy's Live Jukebox" since the beginning. Friends and fans have come to be known as "Jukesters", so that seemed the obvious name for the our channel. Wouldn't you like to be a Jukester too? Kenny & Tommy's Live Jukebox
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Check out Tommy Williams' original music on Bandcamp or
Panel Content Venmo @playmyrequest We are professional musicians. We make our living playing music, whether it be on Twitch or IRL. We don’t have other jobs, so playing music is how we put food on the table and pay the bills, therefore we prioritize the requests of the viewers who support us. We do not get a base salary from Twitch, so financial support from our viewers is vital for us to continue streaming. There are occasional opportunities for viewer requests, but the best way to ensure we play your song is by supporting the musicians/entertainers who are putting in their time and talents into performing for you. Support hard-working performers. It feels good and it’s good for ya! We are grateful for EVERYONE who watches the streams and participates in the chat.
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Links go to our Amazon Affiliate page. We get a little piece of the sale if you enter Amazon via our links, even if you don't buy the thing you clicked on - Every little bit helps - Thank you! **THE INSTRUMENTS** [Kenny's Piano: Roland FP-30x]( [Tommy's Piano: Roland FP-30]( Kenny's Guitar 1: Parker Fly Classic, Kenny's Guitar 2: [Ibanez Jem77BFP (1991)]( Kenny's Guitar 3: Ibanez JCustom RG8670TB [Kenny's Guitar Strings: D'Addario EXL 110 .010-.46 gague]( [Kenny's Guitar Picks: Dunlop Tortex Standard, 0.60mm]( [Electric Guitar fx: Line6 Pod HD500X]( Tommy's Acoustic Guitar: Guild F-50 Jumbo Tommy's Electric Guitar: Hamer Sunburst Archtop Custom Tommy's Mandolin: Flatiron Festival A-type [Tommy's Harmonicas: Hohner Golden Melody and Special 20 Harps (a whole MESS of 'em)]( [Drum Set - Alesis Nitro Mesh]( [Drum Sticks Vic Firth Signature Series -- Keith Moon]( [Hercules Guitar stand]( [Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum and Percussion Pad]( [Drum foot triggers - Roland KD-7]( [Yamaha Drum Throne]( [Excessively Loud Kazoo]( **THE MICROPHONES** [Kenny's Mic: Sennheiser e835]( [Tommy's Mic: Shure SM-58]( [Mandolin Mic: Rode M5]( **THE AUDIO EQUIPMENT** [Mixer: Allen & Heath Qu-PAC]( [Interface: M-Audio MTrack]( [Wireless In-Ear Monitor: Shure PSM300]( [Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds]( [Behringer PM1 Personal In-Ear Monitor]( [Room Monitor Speaker - QSC K12.2]( **THE LIGHTS** [Lights: CHAUVET DJ 4BAR USB (3 sets)]( [Lighting control: MyDMX go]( **THE TECH** Computer: NZXT Starter Pro Software: OBS Studio, TouchPortal [Wendita's Laptop (also used for IRL streaming)]( [Viotek LinQ 16 Inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor]( [iPad mini (Lyrics)]( [iPad Classic (Mixer control)]( [Kindle Fire Tablet, 8" (for lights)]( **THE VISUAL PRODUCTION** [Cameras: Generic Amazon $50 webcams]( [GEEKOTO Video Tripod]( [GVM Camera Slider ]( [An enormous 10' x 20' GreenScreen]( [A smaller greenscreen]( **THE REST OF IT** [Mic and/or Camera stands K&M Tripod Stand / Boom]( [Mic and/or Camera stands K&M Tripod Stand / Straight]( [What's in my Yeti cup - Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa - Sore Throat Syrup]( [Pale Blue USB Rechargable AA batteries]( [RockJam Keyboard Stand]( [Yamaha Sustain Pedal](