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I primarily play RPGs, and sometimes even speedrun them.

About this stream

I am LCC. I enjoy speedrunning, Brood War, and fight games. Twitter is here: [The_LCC]( You can donate [here](

Speedrun Personal Best Times

#Speedrunning Personal Bests: Final Fantasy 6 Any% (no Sketch Glitch): [4:08:48]( Final Fantasy 6 Any% with Sketch: [3:40:44]( Final Fantasy 6 Any% Glitchless: [5:44:08]( Shadow Hearts: From the New World [3:30:19]( Shadow Hearts: Covenant [5:58:20]( Final Fantasy IV No 64 Glitch [3:18:17]( Suikoden 1 108 Stars No Bribe Glitch [4:53:38]( Suikoden 5 Any% **14:02:12** [Pt1]( [Pt2]( Lufia II Ancient Cave [1:41:36]( Layla: The Iris Missions [38:13]( Magical Starsign **9:15:38** [PT1]( [PT2]( [PT3]( The Granstream Saga [3:48:28]( Mega Man Legends [45:45]( IGT Metal Wolf Chaos XD [34:21]( Katamari Damacy [44:57]( Metal Gear Ghost Babel [39:33]( IGT Starcraft Terran Campaign [1:13:12]( Musashi: Samurai Legend [4:05:10]( FEZ 1.11 Clockless [41:21]( Sneak King 50% [18:28]( Megaman X 100%: [53:48]( Shadow of the Ninja: [15:55]( Super Metroid Any%: 46:00 ingame timer. Super Mario Kart Time Trials (super old):

Speedrun Notes/Guides

[Shadow Hearts: From the New World]( [Shadow Hearts Discord](

Final Fantasy VI Links/FAQ

[FF6 Speedrunning Website]( [FF6 Discord]( [Veldt/Encounter Manipulation]( [JokerDoom Info]( [Any% No Sketch Glitch Notes]( [Any% with Sketch Glitch Notes]( -Obsolete Route [Alogorithms FAQ]( Sketch Glitch Links: [Satarack's Sketch Glitch Guide]( [Monster Formations]( [Master Zed's Sketch Guide (old)]( [Downloadable Spreadsheet full of item lists and info by Keylie/Kilaye](

Games I Speedrun

Current Projects: Suikoden V (PS2) Xenosaga 2 (PS2) Actraiser 1 Professional Mode (SNES) Future Projects (not in order): Valkyrie Profile A Ending (PS1) Suikoden 2 (PS1) Contra 3 (SNES) Parasite Eve (PS1) Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon J (N64) Grandia (PS1) Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1) Grim Grimoire (PS2) Mega Man Legends 2 (PS1) Stella Deus (PS2) Wild Arms 4 & 5 (PS2) Valkyria Chronicles (PC Steam) TIE Fighter (PC)