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I am TheMechanicalKoopa. Some call me TMK, Koopa, or Koops . Or if you wish you can just call me Kat

About Me...

Retired Castlevania speedrunner and gamer of other fun platformers. I will play thru rom hacks sometimes and play casual arcade games here and there with the occasional blind play thru every now and again of games I've never played before. I hope you enjoy the stream the emotes. Have an amazing day/evening where ever you may be :)

Audio clip commands pick one if you like!

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I have audio clips with my streamlabs chatbot. All you need to do is ! and a number I currently have 124 audio commands and are mostly movie quotes with a few fun ones here and there. try them out if you like. each command is on a 1 minute cooldown per individual

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If you wish to subscribe to my channel and get AD free viewing and the ability to use my global emotes in any channel be sure to subscribe and get the perks of being a subscriber :)

Add me on twitter!

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Click the image above to go right to my twitter page! I will always post at least 15 minutes prior to my stream so everyone can get ready for a good show!

Nightbot Commands

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type !commands and you will be able to see the full list of commands for NightBot


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Donations are not required but are always appreciated! If you wish to do so just click the Money Bags above. I will use every penny donated to put towards upgrading my stream. Every dollar donated will go directly to improving the quality of my stream. So you the viewers can have a much better experience :) If you wish to donate by getting something from my Amazon wish list here is the link. [The Mechanical Koopa's Wish list](

People who I wish to thank!

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I have so many thanks to shout out for not only helping me get started with my streaming career, but for just being there for me to help support my channel and keep me from going crazy LoL I wont be able to name them all but here are a few of the greatest people on twitch who have always been there to support me! AcidShiver BagTheTea TapatioJ TrueFalse Tinnue Joana a.k.a. FuriousPaul DK28 Mister___K Skavenger216 Vruche TheLastBelmont DeepBlueNumber2 Mahlasarvi Teleo1 AkhraGee Jay_Cee Cressy89 Retrogaming2084 Arcus xChristine Kissmyafrocard TheAndySocialNetwork Bowtie1320 NoDiggity1 Sathdresh Archienstein Freeland1787 2snek WizWarioo Wolfnestyne and Gromfalloon who is my current emote artist So many others who I wasn't able to list I couldn't have done all of this without all of your wonderful help Without any of you who knows where I would be! and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys are so AWESOME!!!
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If you like feel free to join my discord! Just click the discord image above to join! Feel free to post anything in the desired channel, or chat it up on just about any topic :)

Find me on YouTube

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Here is the direct link to my Youtube channel. Just click the youtube image above and you will go right to my channel. You can find my TAS & PB/WR runs I have uploaded, As well as other real life stuff.

Current Gaming Setup

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I play all of my runs on actual hardware. I have hundreds of carts over multiple systems. Here's a list of what I own console wise. I will at some point soon list everything I own both consoles/carts for each system on a google spreadsheet that is when I find the time to do so. but for now here's the list of consoles I currently own. NES SNES GameCube Wii 1st edition Gameboy Gameboy Advance SP PS4 Nintendo Switch (arriving soon) All played on a 32" RCA CRT. I will also get a newer setup photo uploaded soon as well. I also run my NES toploader through a VCR for capture as it only has an RF output for my tv. I hope to get an RGB NES setup at some point soon.

My Stream Schedule

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I typically stream Monday - Friday with whatever game I am currently working on. Then I'll take weekends off for family and time to rest my hands from the week of speedruns. This will be my schedule for the foreseeable future unless I land a decent job then the schedule will be subject to change.

My Current PC build

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Processor [8th Gen I7-8700K 6 Core]( Motherboard [ASUS PRIME Z370-A LGA1151 DDR4]( GPU [ASUS ROG STRIX-GTX1060 6gb]( RAM [G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz]( SSD [Samsung 960 EVO Series - 250GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD]( HDD x2 [WD Blue 3TB]( Power Supply [Corsair RMx Series RM850x 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply]( Processor Cooler [Corsair CW-9060025-WW Hydro Series, H100i v2, 240mm Radiator]( PC Case [Thermaltake Core X71 Tempered Glass Edition]( RGB Fans x2 [Corsair High Performance RGB LED Fans]( 24" ASUS Monitors x3 [ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync 1ms 75hz Gaming Monitor [VG245H] 1080p]( Monitor Stand [VIVO Triple Monitor Mount]( Keyboard [CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard]( Mouse [Redragon Mammoth M801]( Speaker System [Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1](

My Perler Collection

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If anyone would like a perler done I can do that too!!! Prices/Sizes will vary. Just let me know if there is something you would like and I can make it for you!

My TAS Runs I've Completed

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[Castlevania WR Route Theory Tas in 11:26.219]( [Castlevania Koopa's Route Theory Tas in 11:36.429 (No Bat Crit)]( [Castlevania Bloody Adventures v0.5 in 11:04.55]( [Castlevania Stairs of Doom in 13:45.06 (Alternate Dracula Fight)]( [Castlevania Stairs of Doom in 13:50.70 New route]( [Castlevania Stairs of Doom in 15:59.16 Old Route]( [Akumajou Dracula Extreme Sane Mode in 11:47.60]( [Castlevania Hell's Fury in 13:42.93]( [Castlevania True Falure by TrueFalse in 13:54.20]( [Castlevania Koopavania Easy Mode in 10:06.00]( [Happy 30th Birthday Castlevania!!! Fan Edition in 11:37.43]( [Castlevania Horror of Dracula in 12:19.80]( [Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries in 12:34.95]( [Castlevania Skel's Revenge in 11:54.15]( [Castlevania Eternal Confrontation in 12:26.70]( [Castlevania Boss Rush in 13:08.50]( [Castlevania Japanese Version Easy Mode in 11:49.30]( [Contra Mountian Challenge in 00:47.867]( [Operation C Any% Glitchless TAS in 11:25.90]( [Operation C Low% in 11:34.35]( [1P Contra Beta in 9:40.80]( [1P Contra NES TAS in 9:47.33]( [Super C Hell Hack in 10:46.650]( [Super Mario Bros. 3 No Wrong Warp in 11:48.367](

My List of Finished Runs

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[Castlevania New Level 5 Routing 395 Orb Grab]( [Super Mario World 11 & Exit (Glitchless) 13:31]( [Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% No Wrong Warp 13:10.852]( [Castlevania Any% 11:37.267]( [Castlevania Koopavania Hack Easy Any% WR 10:19]( [Contra (Beta) 9:42]( [Contra (Beta) 9:43]( [Contra (Beta) 10 Loop Run 1:57:49]( [Contra (Beta) 200% Speed Run 5:02]( [Contra (Beta) 300% Speed Run 4:19]( [Contra Revenge of the Red Falcon Hack 25:33 (Unofficial WR)]( [Contra 93' Hack 10:12 (Unofficial WR)]( [Contra Mountain Challenge Hack 0:51]( [Operation C Low% WR 11:42.419 BizHawk Emu]( [Operation C Any% WR 11:23.733 BizHawk Emu]( [Konami GB Collection Vol.1 Probotector Low% WR 11:38.550]( [Midnight Resistance (Arcade) Easy Any% WR 12:58 (Unofficial)]( [Midnight Resistance (Arcade) Normal Any% 13:43 (Unofficial)]( [Midnight Resistance (Arcade) Hard Any% WR 16:39 (Unofficial)]( [Super Castlevania IV invincibility Mod Run 42:22]( [Castlevania Hack Stairs of Doom 22:49]( [Castlevania Hack Skel's Revenge 18:02]( [Castlevania Hack Bloody Adventures 11:40 WR]( [Zelda II The Adventure of Link Hack 59:23]( [Alien Vs. Predator Arcade Co-op with DeepBlueNumber2 42:05](