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I'm not the best streamer nor the funniest but I will give you a laugh. I Do Variety Streams and Love Chatting but to be honest I will basically play any game, especially games that are interactive so everybody can join :)

About Me

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Hi I am Jim... Honestly I have one goal... That is to make you laugh and to include as many people in my Streams as possible... I am a Variety & Community Streamer... I Stream many games including "Trivia Games" "Horror Games" "Gameshow Games" "Marbles" "Jackbox Party Packs" "Mario Kart" "Retro Games" and heaps more. I am not a great gamer but I will give any game a shot... Anyway watch some of my past streams for a laugh if you like and check out my YouTube channel and Instagram... No Pressure :) I love all things Game and Nerd related, I'm not the best streamer nor the funniest but I will give you a laugh and I will make you frustrated but it will be fun... Sit back have a coffee and enjoy the ride :)


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I Post Pictures, Stories and Gaming Content on My Instagram Daily. I try my best to interact with everybody so please feel free to swing by say hello and maybe drop a follow :)


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I Upload 2 NEW Videos every week... Well I try to. They are mostly story based games that range from Horror Games Like "Until Dawn", "The Quarry" and "Madison" to Immersive Story Games Like "Detroit: Become Human" "The Life Is Strange Series, Tell Me Why and More... I Even Upload My Twitch "Thriller Thursday" Replays Every Week. Check out My YouTube and leave a Like, Subscribe and Comment if you like :)

Chaos Evolved

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We are a group of gamers turned friends from across the globe, here to bring you your new favorite YouTube channel. Coming from the content creators behind This Ain't Lookin Too Good, TheNoGoodGame, Flock Of Idiots, Princess Beow & Medievel Charlie and Kate Fear Gaming, we bring to you... Chaos Evolved.
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Join The Discord & Have Some Fun - It's an 18+ Discord and things can get a little... Well Just Join and see for Yourself.

The Setup

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The Streaming Setup: PC SPECS: TOWER: Fractal Focus G (Mystic Red) PSU: P750GM - GOLD BOARD: Aorus AM4 B450 Pro RGB CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X GPU: AMD Radeon 6700 12gb DDR6 RAM: 64gb Kingston Fury 3200Mhz 2x Samsung 500gb NvMe M2 Drives 1TB Samsung Sata 3 SSD CAM: Logitech C922 CAPTURE: Elgato HD 60S+ CONSOLES: PS5, Xbox Series X & Nintendo Switch.