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Welcome to my channel, I am a fuel hauler by day and Sim Trucker, Farmer and Pilot by night. Due to my job I don't have a schedule when I have time I stream, that's about as much of a schedule as you can expect


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Welcome to a place of relaxation and chill streams with an eye for playing Simulators as realistic as possible. You will find mainly Farming Simulator and ATS, ETS2, and Flight Simulator but other games will be mixed in every so often.

PC Specs

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- i9-9900K CPU @4.6 OC - Off the shelf water cooling - GeForce 2080 Ti Strix - Lots of storage - adequate Ram 64 gigs **Trucking/Buses** - Thrustmaster TX Wheelbase - Customized Sparco R383 Rim for trucking/bus - TX Leather Rim for Farming - Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals - Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter - SKRS Gear Shift knob - ASP Heavy Hauler button box In addition for farming 2 Madkatz Joysticks **For Flight** - Yoko the Yoke - GF46 Radio Panel - GF146 Multipanel - Thrustmaster Rudder - Thrustmaster T16.000M - GF-MCP Pro 737 - GF Throttle Quadrant **For Space** Thrusmaster T.16000M HOTAS **For Trains** P.I. Raildriver **Other odds and ends** - TrackIR - Stream Deck - Jog and Shuttle wheel from P.I. Engineering
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If you like my gear get your own here --TX Servo Base: --Rally Wheel Add-on: --TH8A Shifter: --T150 RS Force Feedback Racing Wheel PS4/PC): --TMX Racing Wheel (Xbox One/PC):