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Variety streamer, mad scientist, twitch memer and gaming god! I stream most days at random times, chillin' with Br0's and playing a variety of games like the DS series, fangames like Boshy, and other retro/rage titles! Join my tight community!

About: The Gaming God - Br0mine

Outspoken intellectual and salty scientist; variety streamer, oldfriend twitch memer, master of cringe, and the one true Gaming God... Kappa - Also a pretty chill, entertaining guy just looking to make some friends online. Sometimes my gamer rage gets the better of me and I can also be quite the angry and opinionated asshole, and honestly I'm really sorry for that if it offends, but that's just me. Love me or hate me, that's who I am. At the end of the day, I just want to make some friends, hang out and play video games with you guys. If you enjoy watching God-tier gameplay/salty rage, stick around, stay awhile and say hello! - I love Twitch and all the communities I am part of, and I am always welcoming new members to my own community with open arms and an open heart. I welcome light toxicity to an extent, I usually find it really funny so please feel free to meme and shit talk me if you want; I enjoy the banter and being able to be toxic right back LULW I am a long-time Forsen fan, so any other bajs will always be welcomed here (any bajs? forsen1). Feel free to ask questions and get to know me in chat, I'm very interactive and I will always read and respond to your messages <3 I play a variety of games, but mainly I play Fangames like IWBT Boshy, Action RPG's like SoulsBorne/Sekiro, Story games and Retro titles. Always open to suggestions for new games to play, so suggest away! Anyway, enough rambling, come join the Br0's! And let's get salty...
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Mon/Wed/Frid: 6/7pm-9pm (BST) Sat/Sun: 9am-9pm (BST) - With a break!
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Follow me on twitter for updates on when I'm going live!
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I'm not doing this for money, but if you feel so inclined then follow this link to my streamlabs donation page!