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Hey! My name is Kayla but I often go by Tato. Just a flaky streamer enjoying life.

About Me

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Hey there! I'm Kayla! I am in my 20's. Twitch Affiliate as of 1/8/18. Follow me on twitter to witness my train wreck of social media and to receive updates on when I go live! [Twitter]( I'm also now a Humble Bundle Partner! Use my link to buy the bundles you were already planning to buy and help support me! Click [Here]( My panels were designed by a good friend Nightlightknight. Show her some love. [Her Twitter]( & [Her twitch]( !
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Please don't ever feel pressured to tip, it isn't expected and I enjoy everyone just being here and hanging out. Anything given will be used to make this channel better. Either to improve the quality or to do more entertaining things. [Steam Wishlist](

Mental Health

Gentle reminder that I am not a licensed psychologist or therapist. I cannot give mental health advice and I am not qualified to help. Please refrain from trauma dumping or venting on me or in my chat. If you need help please reach out to a professional or privately, twitch/my chat are not appropriate forums to seek help in. Myself and many of my community members struggle with mental health and this can be very triggering especially since many of us use Twitch as an escape. If it is an emergency here is a [website]( with crisis numbers and websites sorted by country.