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Have Tourettes, Ex Horror/Scare Actor, Almost Olympic Fencer, Variety Streamer.

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Name's Hex, i'm the Alpha of the Wolfpack. I have Tourettes, I was almost an Olympic fencer, owned a Video Game Store, was Co-Owner of an Earth Friendly T-Shirt business and was on a small MLG Team for a while. Now i'm a chill full time variety streamer.

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Here is where I post all of my updates for my channel and other things. So come check it out! [Twitter]( [Discord]( [Steam](

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This is the artist that i've commissioned. Please check them out! Website: Twitter: @terrielynn_art (Panel Pic not related, getting better one soon)

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Remember all tips are never asked for, are always a surprise and always heavily appreciated. If you like the content and wish to support the channel more click above. Thank you for reading, enjoy your day and enjoy the stream.