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Hello everyone I'm Therai and I play lots of different games here! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Hello and thanks for stopping by my stream! My name is Therai! I'm a variety streamer for the most part but I occasionally get sucked into an MMO or spend a lot of time on a multiplayer game like League of Legends or Overwatch. When I'm playing Multiplayer games I will play with viewers, however I most likely wont join voice with you unless I already know you well! Hope you all understand! :D Anyways thanks for stopping by my channel and I hope you have a great time while you're here and share lots of laughs with me!
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• Links are okay as long as you give context. Nothing NSFW. • NO SPOILERS! This is a big one because I tend to play a lot of story driven games on stream. •Please keep back-seating to a minimum! I understand that watching someone play your favorite game can be frustrating when they miss something but give me some time and I'll either ask the chat for help or explore enough to finally find it on my own! • No Racism, homophobia or anything of the sort. • Be respectful to me, my mods, and everyone in the chat. Don't be the one to ruin it for everyone. • And the most important rule of them all... Enjoy yourself!
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Donations are greatly appreciated but never a requirement! Just click my sparkly face! Every donation will go towards making stream improvements. Be it more artwork/model upgrades or hardware upgrades like a better mic. I want to make the stream the best quality possible for you guys to enjoy! :D Donations here are non refundable but if there is a very obvious mistake we can discuss it and make sure things are right! <3 Minimum for TTS $3

Stream schedule

Stream schedule is currently a little messed up because I have a lot of things going on currently! However when things settle down for me you can expect better scheduled streams!

Cool friends that I play games with

[Freethan]( [JustaFleshWound]( [ClarissaEve]( [Kraaz](