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Just a silly snake dragon.. don’t mind me!


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I don't know how I feel about Donations...but If you want to send some money my way. I won't say no *SHRUG*

Who am I?

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Hi I am TheRattlingDragon (But you can Call me Drake!) I'm a 33 year old American living in the North East who happens to work Retail. My Sona Drake is an literally a Drake(or a Snagon) a Dragon Snake Hybrid. Eastern Dragon and Rattlesnake in particular hence the name Rattling Dragon! I love Strategy Games, MMOs, and RPGs I hope you all enjoy your time here <3

Stream Rules

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Simple Ground Rules 1. Don't be an Ass 2. Don't Post Links without asking 3. Keep Topics to at least PG-13 4. Respect my Mods! 5. Don't back seat when I ask not be.