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Welcome to the Stream! My name is Factor and I like to interact with viewers and talk about retro games or even new ones. My main channel displays pokemon hunts and I am trying to complete a shiny dex.

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Hi my name is Oscar, welcome to my page. I am a brand new streamer to twitch, but not new to gaming. I collect videogames, cards, game consoles, anime, you name it. So far I have been streaming pokemon which is what I am into and had been for 20 years. Please join us on stream days and have some fun.
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M - F: 8PM - 11:30PM SATURDAYS: 2PM - 6PM Schedule is on Pacific Standard Time - See Ya


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Donations are optional and you are not required to donate. However if you wish to do it please remember that donations are NON-REFUNDABLE and that you are an adult to make the decision to donate. Please think before you hit the button. All donations will go to improve the stream. Thanks.
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