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I am a Rocket League Streamer who also loves to play Pokemon and Legend of Zelda! Come stop by for chill vibes and Rage from time to time lol!

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My days and times for streaming are Mondays and Fridays From 10:30AM Est to 2PM Est and on Saturdays From 12PM EST to when I feel like getting off I hope you guys can understand! I will however try to squeeze in a few streams the first week of July bc I am off work that week! Also I will try to release a YT Schedule real soon My Goal is to put out at least 2 video's A week If possible! Thanks for understanding and I hope to see you all in stream!
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If you are feeling Generous and want to donate you can do so here by clicking the picture! All Donations will ether go towards the family or towards upgrading the stream! THANKS!