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Just a family man who loves playing games and using Twitch to support local charities and organizations. Search TrueVanguard on Youtube to find gameplay vids, reviews and more.

ViewSonic Elite Gaming Monitors

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I use ViewSonic Elite gaming monitors, I highly recommend them!


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If you like the content and wish to support TrueVanguard and his channel, feel free to donate here. This goes directly to supporting TV and his family.

Youtube Channel

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TrueVanguard has a Youtube channel that focuses on pvp content and ways to sharpen your skills on the battlefield.

Twitter Page

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TrueVanguard likes to interact with you all via his Twitter page. He makes announcements there, so stay up to date!

Stream Rules

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1. Keep it clean, please! We like to interact like adults here, keep the rage down, and be respectful to others. 2. Please no links unless cleared by a mod first. Just message them privately and ask if it's okay. 3. Avoid harsh or vulgar language, please. 4. Please don't talk poorly about other streamers/content creators. We don't want to be slanderous. 5. No self promotion, all self promo will be removed instantly. This isn't because we're jerks, it's because we don't know your content and don't know if it aligns with our values. We don't want this chat to be a place where people are pushed toward strange content. 6. Don't ask for shoutouts for your content or channels. We only promote content we know and love, content that we've seen a LOT of and are comfortable endorsing. 7. If viewers are pulled into the stream, do not critique their performance or insult their scores or kills at the end of the game. These people are likely on cloud 9 and nervous, don't ruin their experience or you'll find yourself politely excused from the channel.

Merchandise Store

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Some sweet TV swag, check it out.