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My name is Brandon :) My goal here is to provide not only dope content, but a place where people can relax and connect with each other. Thank so you much for tuning in and enjoy!!!


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I just want to say welcome and that I really appreciate you for viewing the stream. My name is Brandon, aka HomeMadeWaffles. I'm generally known for recording videos in the past and commentating, but I've been playing for about 9 years still with an ambition of being that dude and being a top 50 player in melee and DBFZ at the same time. I'm also aiming to building a entertaining stream for you guys, while also aiming to build somewhere where people from anywhere can connect and build relationship with others and we all get something out of spending our time together. So again thank you for tuning and hopefully this is a start of you being part of the fam and enjoying time with us. If anyone here ever needs help don't hesistate to message me, we can try to work something out. I'm here for you guys just as much as you guys are for me.


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Anything Helps!!! Currently going to me to find a somewhere to call home :)


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