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Hi, I'm Hee! I've been gaming my entire life and aspire to share my passion for games through my streams! I'm a variety streamer with a focus on Nintendo games! I play a lot of Splatoon. Hope you have a good time~

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Hello! Thank you for visiting. I am unsure if I will stream ever again, but I appreciate all of your support through the years! CREDITS. ----- ♡Avatar + Sakura and Luigi emotes: @Yamayii (Twitter) ♡Aqua emote: @ghoulrunnings (Twitter) ♡Sub & bits badges: @sscornelia (Twitter) ♡Shortie emotes + Panels: Me
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♡ Please be respectful towards me and others! Bullying, racism, spamming, excessive profanity & NSFW, and overall negative behavior will **not** be tolerated towards me OR those chatting. **You will be blocked and banned.** ♡ **No backseat gaming UNLESS I explicitly ask for help.** We get it; you've played it before. Now let me enjoy it the way I want to :) ♡ When redeeming 100k points for picking my next game, please note that I have the final say! I will not play any FPS games nor any games that make me uncomfortable to stream (i.e. eroge, Resident Evil). ♡ Have fun!
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♡ Wario World ♡ Kirby's Adventure ♡ Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ♡ Kirby 64 ♡ The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD ♡ EarthBound ♡ Super Mario Galaxy ♡ Super Mario Odyssey ♡ Paper Mario 64 ♡ Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn (and Comrades) ♡ Wario Ware: Smooth Moves ♡ Luigi's Mansion 1 and 3 ♡ Yoshi's Crafted World ♡ Super Mario Sunshine **Started~ may revisit some of these!** ♡ Super Mario 64 ♡ Spyro Remastered (PS4) ♡ Kingdom Hearts III ♡ Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ♡ Kirby's Dreamland 3