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It is me, Thinkerbella! I like birbs and ballads. Music Vtuber/Vsinger who likes to sing!

About Me! ✨

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☘ Hello, I am Thinkerbella and I like to sing. I come from the land down under! Hope you have a happy and warm time here :D ☘ I'm here to spread the love for music and I hope that I can provide everyone here a space to relax and enjoy. ☘ I started streaming around 13th Sept 2020 with my primary purpose to sing and to share music and comfy vibes! I still have quite of lot of nerves but hopefully I can overcome them overtime! ☘ I like singing ballads, especially Korean ones (I don't however speak Korean so I do apologise in advance) 🔔 name: Bella 🔔 country: Australia 🔔 birthday: Nov 15 🔔 age: legal 🔔 what am i: Elf faerie gremlin truck 🔔 first official strem: September 13th 2020 🔔 mic: Rode NT1

Rules 📞

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🌸 Please be nice and respectful to everyone, both me and the community 🌸 No bullying and no racism! 🌸 No toxicity 🌸 Please don't self-advertise without permission, nor ask for collabs 🌸 Please do not mention other streamers (except VIPs) unless I or the mods mention them first! 🌸 Please keep the chat mostly in English! 🌸 No back-seating! 🌸 **About Song Requests**: I do not currently take any music requests from the chat. Please use the Streamer Songlist Panel to request music that I am familiar with! As for any songs that are not in the songlist, please message them in song-suggestions within my discord server and they **might** be sung in future streams!

Discord 🌸

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Either click on the picture or this link here!

Tips/Donations! 🧚 🌱

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It means a lot to me for you to just come by and chill! If you however is interested in subscribing or tipping/donating, it would be amazing! All the support will be invested into better music and streaming gear or into my savings that will be used to move out. Just a note that tips and donations are non-refundable so please make sure you would be fully willing to! You can either press on the picture or this link here:

Credits 💚

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☘ Vtuber model: Credits to people on booth for hair, clothes, wings: (QuantumDot, Yamaron, @kougouseinikki, @wonderful_ppp ..etc. ☘ Sub-badges and emotes made by THE amazing Crayon (crayon_orange)! ☘ Profile pic by @Zenshi_Miura ☘ Logo by @sashimmiii ☘ Comfy Blanket + Slumber Party Hat by Cakecatboy ☘ Just Chatting + Game Overlay by astronomia_x ! ☘ Header by @YeouLongroad ☘ Profile Banner by @Hafdolexy