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One day I'll git gud, but not today Kappa

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I appreciate -all- of my followers. The people below are the ones who have supported me from the very beginning. I wouldn't be here without you guys supporting and encouraging me, sharing laughs, and all the great chats. I'll be eternally grateful. Much love <3 Followers listed below are in order from #1 to 30: Esoterickk1 TXtoDKbackTX Strongwiccan benjelly99 SyKoTiC_SaGE Ind0ctrin EG_Soul_Reaver LoneStarRTA fozndragon BurgandyWhirl SecondSTARR Kinglaughingman GrindheadJim Bundymonster Platonaki infinite_rage_84 LogPowerslave gav86mitch Reukra AbulletAway optima_iron Deft_Puppiez drakebug2013 cutthroats danfinity FacelessMike Sam28546 BicycleOfDth uscgveteraan0815 Stalker10090

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Don't be a dick! Respect the mods. Be excellent to each other.