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I'm a SAHM mother of 2 and i love to game.

Did you know I make all the beanies you see on my stream?

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Every beanie you see on my stream is made by yours truly! i have been crocheting for over a decade and it is something that relaxes me and i still love to do! i make a variety of different things but beanies are just my go to! i do also sell them as well. feel to ask me about the details! Or message me with any questions you may have!


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I'm a 37 year old stay at home mom that loves to game! i'm a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic and just living life the best i can! I've been playing games since the dawn of time it seems like. I play mostly on playstation but have recently ventured into pc . Just as a side note I do work better with conversation if engaged in chat. I do tend to get too into the game at times to think about talking. :) * Please call me by my username or by my name. * No disrespecting anyone in here. Just have a good time. * No politics/religion. Keep conversations sfw. * This is a relaxing time for me. Keep things positive and upbeat.
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By no means do you ever have to donate. But if you would like to, just know that anything at all is very greatly appreciated and the funds will go into helping the channel grow further to help get better gear so I can stream the best that I can. Further down the road i'll do giveaways as well. Donation goal: $50