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I play video games. Except the times I don't.


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1. DO NOT ADVERTISE- Your channel. Your friends Channel. Your mans soundcloud. etc. You'll probably just get instantly banned for it so you've been warned. (does not apply to friends of the channel) [If you're wondering if you're a friend of the channel then the answer is probably no. But you can always ask] 2. DON'T BE A DICK- Just in general really. No racism, discrimination, prejudice, etc.. Don't be mean. And if you're going to tease someone(including me), at least make sure it's funny. SIDE NOTE: it is at the discretion of the mods to decide if you are being a dick or not. But generally, you get 1 warning. 3. NO GAME SPOILERS- Pretty much ever. Unless I'm talking about spoilers. Use your better judgement. It should probably tell you not to spoil. 4. DON'T ASK TO BE A MOD- I'll add mods when I need them. It probably won't be you 5. Bully kids who watch anime. Also, watch anime.


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Click the image and drop a tip. Sometimes used for song requests.