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I like to draw cute things, make music and play games sometimes!! ENG/日本語OK

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✧Be nice! ✧No personal questions. ✧No backseat gaming unless I ask! ✧Do not bring up other streamers/ Vtubers unless I mention them. ✧No politics ✧No racism, sexism, homophobia, or any kind of bigotry will be tolerated.


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Hi I'm Tia! ✧She/Her I am a not so distant descendant of the goddess of chaos but don't let that fool you, I just want to have a nice time and make friends! Model drawn by me! Rig: <3

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✧Let me draw things for you!✧

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Commissions and streaming are my only income right now, so if you have a couple extra gold coins to throw my way I would be eternally grateful ♡