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TiamatRuler streams Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Pokémon Sun/Moon.

About Me

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**About Myself** My name is Nathan. I am a 30 year old Pokemon streamer. I mainly do shiny hunting but will occasionally do wonder trades or playthroughs/nuzlockes. I have also played Spyro Reignited a few times on stream. I have not been as active recently because in January 2018, my mom passed from cancer. In October 2018, we found out my sister had the same cancer. Since then I've been helping out my sister (who is now cancer free for now), making sure I do everything I can to not get the same cancer (I tested negative for the gene) and spending time with my very supportive girlfriend who's helped me through all this, who is now my lovely fiancé. I am trying to get back to the same activity that I used to be at. I appreciate those who still show support and who are patient with me. **Favorite Pokemon** My favorite Pokemon is Cyndaquil, hence my mascot. My second favorite Pokemon is Kangaskhan. My third favorite Pokemon is Tyrunt/Tyrantrum. My fourth favorite Pokemon is Salandit/Salazzle. And my fifth favorite Pokemon is the Rowlet line. **Favorite Shiny** My favorite shiny is shiny Cyndaquil from the 2nd gen games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal, again, hence my mascot. I am actually extremely disappointed with the shiny Cyndaquil after those games, as I don't understand why you would ever get rid of those gorgeous purple flames. I'm also extremely fond of shiny Tyrunt/Tyrantrum, Salandit/Salazzle and shiny Ninetales, as well as quite a few others. **Friend Code** New Capture Card: 1392-8564-0631 (Electric FS) Old Capture Card: 3325 - 3773 - 4987 (Bug FS) No Capture Card: 0619 - 4325 - 7062 (Fire FS) However, I only add people if absolutely necessary for my streams, a stream I am in, or something else I may have to do. Please do not ask me to add unless I bring it up first. Also, the old capture card no longer works...thanks Katsukitty. -.- **IGN** Usually either Tiamat or Elijah or some variation. My Sun/Moon IGNs are always going to be Tiamat Ruler.

Stream Rules

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**1)** Be kind and considerate to everyone in the chat. There is no reason not to be polite. This means no racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other similarly derogatory remarks. This is common sense. You will normally be timed out for the first offense and then banned if the same offense is repeated. **2)** Do not spam unless for some kind of hype, such as raid, shiny or donation hype, etc. First and second offense is a time out, third is a ban. **3)** Trolls get an automatic ban no matter what the trolling is. Nether I nor my mods have the time or energy to put up with anything of the sort. **4)** I will not discuss politics on anything related to my channel, including my stream, my Twitter, my Discord, etc. I'm here to game and have fun with friends. I don't enjoy any form of politics and I have a right to put my mental health first. If you want to have a healthy political conversation with a viewer, that's fine. But I will not entertain political conversations myself. **5)** If you donate and file a charge back for any reason, you will be banned from the stream. If you do not have the funds to donate or if it is not your money, then you should not be donating in the first place. It is absolutely unacceptable to donate to anyone and then take that money back. It doesn't matter what your reason is.


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**Please keep in mind that all donations are final and will not be returned. Only donate if you are sure you want your money to go towards my videos and streams. Also, please only donate if you are the rightful owner of the money you are donating.** Donations are never required or expected, even during a donation stream. However, they are extremely helpful toward upgrading the experience on my channel. I do get behind sometimes with my limited paycheck and therefore sometimes can't always afford certain stream privileges. Please only donate if you have the money to donate and do not need it yourself. I am currently accepting donations for charity to help pay with my mother's medical and other bills. Specifically, my step dad just passed away the morning of December 22nd from liver cancer. The funeral will cost upwards of ,000 and she needs all the help she can get. Especially since this is all on top of her own medical bills for her stage 4 colon cancer. Any donations made to me will go towards this and any amount will help. Thank you!


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This is where all streams and stream highlights will be uploaded to once they are completed.


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Please follow me on twitter to keep up with everything I am and will be doing.