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Hi there! I freelance digital art full time, and like playing Warframe and Pokemon! I like cute and scary things! I mostly draw cute things though :D

Tifa Talks : About Me

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Hey there! I do freelance art for a living and draw all sorts of subjects! Stream is MOSTLY art. I do Jackbox Games on Fridays :D Schedule : Times are Eastern Time! Monday - Thursday : 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm Friday : Maybe Day, if I stream it’ll be after 1pm Saturday : Maybe Day, if I stream it’ll be after 1pm Sunday : OFF Rough Hours! Typically start within the hour start time, and go at MINIMUM an hour, usually 1.5-2 hours :D Shout out to ~ she did custom tiles!

Donation Drive

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Laptop has been acting a bit funky recently, so I'd like to replace it before it completely wonks out. Thanks so much in advance! If you want to let me know you donated, whisper me on twitch so I can thank you!

Tifa's Discord

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Come chat!


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All the bits! I post a lot of WIPS and sketches here!


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Find some of my art!

Tip Jar

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My link! Just for bits and bobs, mostly to accept tips, though I take a few commissions with it!

Buy me Coffee~

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Ko-Fi link! :D