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Queen Tigerina first of her name, Battle Queen, Mother of Eeveelutions, royal born , modest, Godess of Meeklosh, Queen of the first pokemon, Ninja Queen, the unburned, Miss Queen Streamer ,Queen of Blizzard, Manager of Meeklosh and the Give Aways, breaker of knees and protector of the stream.


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I wanna send a big shoutout to the following Creaters who i bought my emotes from: SeviYummy: Katliente: LadyFeatherbottom: PokeDesigns:


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A wild Tiger appeared… Hello everyone <3 Welcome to the most craziest place on Twitch <3 Be yourself, be beautiful and share the love <3 Tell me if you are a streamer !!! Together we can grow <3

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Donations are not neccesary but thank you <3