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i'm a 32 yr. old streamer i stream rpg games retro games and snes games though my laptop doesn't have a capture yet so the streams will lag and get slow and maybe choppy but at least you can see the game though. Sometimes the stream will freeze let know something so don't leave me in the dark.


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hydration bot commands

Actions To initiate the bot in a channel: !hydrate username - adds bot to channel These commands are for channel Mods: !tinyhydrate - smaller reminders !emotehydrate - toggles emote mode (/me) !hydratefreq [1-5] - change how often (in hours) you get hydration reminders. !hydratepause - toggle reminders without leaving channel. !dehydrate - removes bot from channel !stophydration - removes bot and prevents it from being re-added. :( !hydrated - prints the current total number of channels being hydrated