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The only thing you need to know about me, is that Final Fantasy X is the greatest game of all time. I love the Final Fantasy and the Persona series. I also like to conquer any challenge and earn that Platinum trophy. Learning is my passion: achieving is my drive.

Art and Emotes

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Shoutout to these amazing artists: Auron Hype Emote & FFX Sub Badges: Seymour Rage Emote, Thirsty Scarlet , Timbo Swole, Black Mage Yuna & Chairith Emotes: Tifa Profile Panel: FF14 Scene:

About Me:

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Here to express the community with my love of Final Fantasy. I'm all about having fun within the chat, so let's create some good memories! Trophy Hunter. Exercise Junkie. Melomaniac. Yuna Fanboy. LMAO. One who never gives up. Short and sweet, just like my meat. ;) TOP 15 FF characters: 1. Yuna [FFX] 2. Tidus [FF X] 3. Layle [FF Crystal Bearers] 4. Aerith [FF VII and FF7 Remake] 5. Locke [FF VI] 6. Garnet [FF IX] 7. Seven [FF Type 0] 8. Minifila [FF XIV] 9. Serah [FF XIII-2] 10. Rinoa [FF VIII] 11. Auron [FF X] 12. Zack [FF VII Crisis Core] 13. Celes [FF VI] 14. Vivi [FF IX] 15. Cecil [FF IV] TOP 3 Favorite Games: 1. Final Fantasy X (2001) 2. Xenosaga 3 (2006) 3. The Bouncer (2000)

Currently Playing/ Backlog

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You can add me on steam to play some games. timboslice_gaming I am committed to stream three times a week at minimum. Schedules will be posted on Twitter/Discord. 348 Current Platinum Trophies. 178.7k Gamerscore Currently Streaming: Strangers of Paradise CHAOS Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Coming Soon: FFX 600 & 700 Follower Celebration Secret 777 stream [Information released closer to goal] Currently Playing Offline: Final Fantasy XIV (PC) Next: Xenosaga 1-3 Persona 4 Golden Final Fantasy II Fantasy III Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy 13-2 (PS3) Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy Lightning Returns Final Fantasy X [NSG, NO AEONS Penance showdown.] 1st one to complete it ever?? Breath of the Wild The Bouncer October: Forespoken

Games Finished

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Final Fantasy Games Finished: Final Fantasy I (PC): Classic Team Run Final Fantasy 7 OG (All Side Quests) (PS5) Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade 100% (PS5) Hardmode Final Fantasy VII: Intermission 100% (PS5) HARDMODE Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: Low Level Speedrun 9:16:22 (PS5) Final Fantasy IX: Challenge 100% Run (PS4) Final Fantasy X: Speedrun 10:05:32 (PS5) Final Fantasy X: No Sphere Grid [No grinding, No Blitzball, No Anima, No Magus Sisters & No Trio & No Celestial Weapons] (PS5) Final Fantasy XII (PS5) Superrun with all areas visited. (20:51:XX stream] Final Fantasy Type 0 100% [Seven Solo Run on HARD/Agito] [Except party Splits with Trey] (PS5) Games Finished: A Plague Tale: Innocence 100% (PS5) Babylon's Fall 100% (PS5) Call of Duty: Vanguard (Story and Multiplayer & Grind off stream) Platinum 100% (PS5) Demon Slayer 100% (PS5) Erica (PS5) Multiple Runs 100% Far Cry 6 100% (PS5) Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 100% (PS5) [A rank all songs on Proud] Light Fairytale 1 100% (PS4) Overcooked 1 [Co-stream with Brandino] (PS5) 100% Overcooked 2 [With Brandino And Bella] (PS5) 100% Persona 3 Dancing Hard Mode on Max Speed 100% (PS4) Persona 4 Dancing All Night 100% (PS4) Persona 4 Ultimax (PS4) Persona 5: NG+ 100% (PS4) Persona 5 Dancing: Hard Mode on Max Speed 100% (PS4) Persona Strikers (PS4) [On and off Stream] 100% Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 100% (PS5) Recent Games Finished Off Stream: Astria Ascending (100%) (PS5) Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) 100% Life is Strange Series 100% (PS4/PS5) Melty Blood 100% (PS4) NEO TWNEY 100% (Switch) Ryza 2 100% (PS5) Star Wars Fallen Order 100% (PS5) Tales of Arise 100% (PS5) Tiny Tina's Wonderland 100% (PS5)


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###Donations are extremely appreciated, but not required! Will be used to improve the streams and/or for charity goals. Donations are not refundable.