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Can't guarantee amazing moments but they come when and where


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Language is **English** Time Locale is BST Time Zone is GMT ************** Stream is mainly about strolling through which when and where can involve learning off yourselves upon as play. Clearer of 10,000 viewer submitted levels with [Super Mario Maker Wii U]( Yes I do play games for the **first time** on stream when and where.
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SUPER MARIO / MEGA MAKER (Viewer lvls ideally your creations)

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Super Mario Maker function bot (Warp World) courtesy of [Jaku]( ( Queue is reset / cleared every stream and try to be online as in talk in chat otherwise level maybe skipped ) !add / !leave / !list / !queue ***NON SUBBED*** - 15 - 25 minutes play base time ( subject to progress ) - Super World play limited to 1 hour and 10 levels max without channel point redeeming / sub ***SUBBED*** - Super World play automatically if requested ( i.e no limit of time / levels, need to channel point redeem ) - Double play time / self judged extension progress pending - Level queue order priority ( determined by submission if there is many sub levels submitted ) - Play the level(s) as whichever character - Co-op / Versus mode priority
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You can help in the form of ********** - Spoilers ahead - Alternative methods/tips to the game - Secrets/Hidden items - Shortcuts/other paths - Where to go if lost - Links to applicable aid ( Try to wait until say of being completely stuck / number of attempts concerning Mario Maker )
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- Excessive spamming / swearing - Lots of ill-mannered abusive talk / targeted threats towards others/streamer - Inappropriate links (**Sexually Explicit/Racist**) - Pleading to be a mod ********* **If you cannot be civil / non hostile by communication or you don't like the stream, simply leave.** ********* **NIGHTBOT is enabled** **!add** for Super Mario Maker submitting (!add xxx-xxx-xxx) **!current** for info to level **!list** for levels that have submitted **!position** for where you are in queue **!list** to see how many is in queue **!leave** to exit queue


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