Last live last year

My real name is Tipper.

Chat Rules

All I ask is that you guys stay relatively tame. Try not to spam a lot and try not to get too vulgar with your language. If you do you'll get timed out briefly but that's all! Please keep the chat going! Streaming is a lot more fun when I get to talk to the chat.

FFZ and BTTV Emotes!

Type "!ffz" to see ffz emotes in the chat! Type "!bttv" to see bttv emotes in the chat Be aware... it's gonna look awful in chat, lol, but it will show you what's available.

Other fun streamers to watch!

+ [The_G_Scott:](http://twitch.tv/the_g_scott) Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion Speedrunner + [Frozen:](http://twitch.tv/frozentrually) Frozen is bae. He speedruns Teslagrad a lot and is a mod in practically every channel ever. + [Tooshi:](http://twitch.tv/cloakedyoshi) Fun Speedrunner and wiggler to watch that coincidentally went to my highschool! BK, SMS, SSX3 and Minecraft + [Kungfu:](http://twitch.tv/kungfufruitcup) She is a nice casual and speedrunning streamer/wiggler. Her games are Kirby64 and Splatoon. + [Fifi:](http://twitch.tv/firedragon764) Another fun speedrunner and wobbler. Luigi's Mansion SMS and more!