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Hi, I'm Greg. I speedrun Zelda: Ocarina of Time and sometimes play other games for fun. I respond to stream chat as much as possible but sometimes I need to focus so I apologize if I miss a comment or question. Please be respectful and enjoy the stream!

About Me

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Hello and welcome to my stream. First of all, I know my name is silly so feel free to call me Greg, Tickle Kittens, or whatever floats your boat. I am 27 years old and I live in the USA, in the state of Ohio. My stream is used mainly for speedrunning and racing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in many ways. Even though I do occasionally stream myself playing other games, OoT will consume most of this stream. Secondly, I do respond to stream chat as much as I possibly can but if I am doing a run please understand if I miss a comment or question because speedrunning requires a lot of focus and concentration and I am far too unskilled to do two things at once. Lastly, I do ask that you be somewhat civilized and treat me as I would treat any of you. A lot of weird stuff goes down in this stream but common human decency is something I always do appreciate. - - -

Speedgame Fast Times (Personal Best)

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*Ocarina of Time* ------------------------- - GSR ~ [1:17:33]( - Any% ~ [20:21]( - No Wrong Warp ~ [52:47]( - No RBA/WW ~ [1:03:53]( - MST ~ [2:08:12]( - All Dungeons ~ [1:34:39]( - Child Dungeons ~ [35:15]( - 5 Boss Edition ~ [2:10:44]( *Other Speedruns* ------------------------------ - Super Mario 64: 16 Star ~ [20:29]( - Super Hexagon: 100% ~ [6:18]( - - -
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An awesome website where you can watch a lot of great speedrunners play live and to see what speedrunning races are currently going on. Also, if you're feeling up to it you can join the IRC to chat and join in on any races that are about to begin. - - -

Infrequently Asked Questions

- *"Do you stream often?"* + Nope - *"Do you play any games other than OoT?"* + Did you even read the "About Me" section? - *"How long have you been streaming/speedrunning?"* + I started streaming in mid February 2012, and speedrunning very shortly after. - *"What is MST?"* + MST stands for Medallions, Stones, and Trials and it involves stepping into the blue warp of all the dungeons including child and adult to acquire all of the medallions and stones from each dungeon/temple. The trials aspect of it involves completing all of the rooms in Ganon's Castle. MST ends when you strike the final blow on Ganon. - *"What is All Dungeons?"* + All Dungeons is essentially MST but without having to complete the trials. However, this allows for major route changes such as skipping Zelda's Lullaby and Light Arrows as well as Wrong Warping out of the Deku tree at the end of the run. - *"What is Any%?"* + Any% is defined as beating the game as quickly as possible without any glitch restrictions. - *"What is GSR?"* + GSR stands for Ganondorf Source Requirement and is a legacy speedrunning category that has been around for years simply because of it's popularity and fun route. We named it GSR because the route involves collecting all of the items required to kill Ganondorf at their source and then to beat the game by killing Ganon. - *"What is the world record?"* + You can see most of the world records for Ocarina of Time at []( - *"Why are you playing in another language?"* + I use the Japanese version of Ocarina of Time because the text is much quicker than the English version allowing for better times. - *"What are you playing on?"* + I play on Wii Virtual Console with an N64 controller (using an amazing adapter made by Whyieyesya which retains all of the N64's original settings) and I record using a program called OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) that captures video/audio from my GV IO USB2 capture card.