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I'm tjb! (he/him) I play SMW kaizo romhacks and do midairs :)

midair practice rom

here's where you can grab my midair practice rom!


I generally wanna keep things positive and lighthearted in stream conversations, but that doesn't mean that this is a "no poltics" stream. The unfortunate reality of the world that we live in is that even things like the human rights of LGBT people and people of color are politicized, despite the fact that none of these should be up for debate at all. In this stream, we believe that black and indigenous lives matter, that LGBTQIA+ lives matter, disabled lives matter, we stand for the liberation of trans people and vulnerable trans youth, we stand against all forms of bigotry, and if you think any of these things should be up for debate, you're more than welcome to leave.
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Level clears

some ridiculously hard levels I've beaten: [10 rooms of Ex.KUSO - by Pogyo]( [Midair Shredder - by me!]( [Dragon of Mist - by GlitchCat7]( [Thumbshredder's Dad - by GlitchCat7 ]( [Shellscape - by DaWildGrim]( [Thumbshredder - by GlitchCat7](


Hi, I'm tjb! (he/him) I'm a SMW kaizo streamer, and I was the first clear of Thumbshredder's Dad other than by GlitchCat7 himself. I'm mostly known for being good at midairs, and I made a hack centered around midairs [here]( I play on a Super Nt console (basically a modern hardware re-creation of the SNES without emulation) with an SD2SNES. also I love jade harley <3


Many thanks to the artists who drew stuff for me! All the jade emotes: [Chumi]( my avatar: [Rafe]( SD2SNES header: [Chi](