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I play video games and yell into a microphone


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Hi, my name is TJ. I’m a former Illustrator/Graphic Artist, Photographer and Raging Coffee Addict. Around here you can find me steaming an assortment of video games, and If you’re lucky enough you’ll catch me and my buddy going on rants about the secrets of the universe and various other topics
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1. This Stream is family friendly, please mind your language. Thanks! (Accidents happen, but continued use of foul language will result in ban) 2. Be kind, be respectful to each other. 3. Belittlement of any kind will not be tolerated. No Racism, No Violence, No Sexism, No Hate. No Politics. No Negativity. 4. Listen to the Mod team, their word is final. If the mods feel you have violated any of these rules, you will be banned. Overall be nice and have fun!
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I try to stream when I can, I have a rotating schedule, but generally I stream when I want, what I want and however long I want XD