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Hi, I'm Toastydata and I like playing videogames. I play lots of different games, so come check it out and have fun. I'm a father to two awesome kids and studying online for University. For business enquiries my email is

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All donations go towards upgrading gear and improving the stream. Donations never required, but always appreciated.
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My name is Kyle and I'm a 28 year old Australian gamer and a dad. I love playing all kinds of games, so who knows what we'll be playing on any given day. My Rig CPU: Ryzen 3600 GPU: MSI Ventus 1600 Super Mic: ATR2500x-USB Cardioid Condenser USB-C Microphone Headset: ATH-M20x Pro Also check out my friend [Chriscantry]( He's a fun minecraft player with a super friendly channel