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It's just some guy who plays video games and animates. What do you want from me?


300+ Bits: Something new! 500 Bits: Give Us Your Cash 666 Bits: Scrape & Lick 690 Bits: Booblust 717 Bits: That Was Truly Cringeworthy 1000+ Bits: Pelican Mouth 2000 Bits: $20 Can Buy Many Peanuts 5000+ Bits*: Improvised Hoedown *Include a topic in your bit message
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Who Are You?!

I'm your friendly neighborhood Tom! A gaming YouTuber who's made the brave jump into Twitch streaming! I'm a variety streamer with a penchant for Nintendo games, but I do have a ton of different consoles, old and new, with some streams being dedicated to playing through my collection! I hope you enjoy watching!