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toxjq_ streams Quake Champions.

Follow my games in the QuakeProLeague on Sundays from 17.00 CET on https://www.twitch.tv/quake


twitter: @toxjq instagram: @quick_johan
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Setup for Quakechampions

Mouse: Microsoft 1.1 , "WMO" modded with 3366 from Logitech g303 Mousepad: Skypad (glaspad) Keyboard: Steelseries 6gv2 Headset: Sennheiser HD 650 Mic: Modmic Monitor: Asus PG258 240hz CPU: I7-7700 GFX: MSI Geforce 1080 Ram: 16gb SSD: 500gb


Hello and welcome to my stream. The game im playing right now is called Quakechampions. When im ingame playing i most of the time just want to focus on playing and try to improve my game. I will try take time to answer and chat with you when im not ingame playing. for now i have set the stream up for the people who ask and wish to follow my view as prio. Thank you for watching my stream and thank you for all people who have supported and cheer for me during all these years !

QuakeChampions Config

Sensitivity: 2.1 Dpi: 800 Yaw: 0.022 Pitch: -0.022 Accel: 0 Fov: 120 Graficsettings: Low


Quake3 TDM: 1st ClanBase EuroCup XI Online League 2nd ClanBase EuroCup IX Online League 1st QLAN II Enköping, Sweden 2004 1st ClanBase EuroCup VIII Online League 1st DreamHack Winter 2003 Jönköping, Sweden 1st ClanBase EuroCup VII Online League 1st QLAN Enköping, Sweden 2003 3rd ClanBase EuroCup VI Online League 1st CPL Oslo Oslo, Norway 2002 2nd Lan Arena 7 Paris, France 2004 2nd ClanBase EuroCup V Rotterdam, Netherlands 1st Warp LAN Lund, Sweden 2004 2nd CPL Cologne Cologne, Germany 2004 1st Gib'n'Run Online League 2nd Birdie 12 Uppsala, Sweden 2003 1st CPL London London, UK 2002 2nd ClanBase EuroCup III Rotterdam, Netherlands 2002 1st DWL LAN Jönköping, Sweden 2002 1st Clanbase Eurocup 2v2 Netherlands 2005 Quake 4 TDM: 1st place Transatlantic showdown NY/USA 2006 1st place 2v2 Dreamhack winter Sweden 2006 1st place 2v2 Quakecon Dallas/texas 2006 1st place 2v2 WCG Italy/Milano 2006 Quake 4 1v1: 1st DreamHack Winter Sweden 2006 2nd CPL winter Dallas/Texas 2006 1st GGL Alltstars at E3Expo NY 2006 1st ESWC Sweden Qualifier Sweden 2006 2st DreamHack summer Sweden 2006 5st ESWC Paris/France 2006 1st ISC (CPL summer) Dallas/Texas 2006 1st Kode 5 Sweden qualifier 2006 1st QuakeCon Dallas/Texas 2006 1st KODE5 Gamesconversion Germany/Lipzig 2006 1st Dignital life USA/NewYork 2006 1st WSVG UK / London 2006 1st WCG Italy / Milano 2006 2nd WSVG USA / Kentucky 2007 1st WSVG Canada / Toronto 2007 1st WSVG USA / Dallas 2007 1st Quakecon 2007, USA / Dallas (quake1,quake2,quake3,quake4) 1st WSVG Grandfinal USA / NY 2006 1st I32 UK / Newbury 2007 QuakeLive 1st Dreamhack Summer TDM 4v4 2011 2st Quakecon TDM 4v4 2011 1st Dreamhack Winter TDM 4v4 2011 4th Quakecon 1v1 2014 1st Quakecon TDM/Duel/CTF Trimaster 2015 QuakeChampions 2nd Quakecon 2017 Sacrifice 4v4 2nd Dreamhack 2017 Sacrifice 4v4 2nd Dreamhack 2017 Duel 3rd Dreamhack tours 2018 2v2 2nd Quakecon 2018 2v2 5-8th PGL duel 2018 2nd Dreamhack 2018 2v2 5-8th Dreamhack 2018 duel