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I am a math college professor, born in New Jersey, grew up in San Jose CA and currently live in Iowa. I enjoy cats, baseball, hockey, science fiction and all types of gaming.

My Video Gaming

I'll call myself a Super Metroid randomizer runner. I'm still working on the speed part. I have been playing the game since it came out my senior year in high school (giving away my age for those that want to do the math) and am working hard to improve. I also like to play retro games from the NES, SNES and the the various Gameboy incarnations.


Please no politics or religion in chat Please be respectful of everyone And have fun!

Other things about myself

I am a college mathematics professor currently living in Iowa. I was born in New Jersey and grew up in San Jose CA. I love my two cats (and cats in general) baseball, hockey, science fiction and all types of gaming.

Some Shout Outs

Sephy/Antinomy for convincing me to do this and helping me (along with his chat) get the right equipment without overspending, and being my first follower Kona for creating the background, and helping me with setup, including helping me upgrade to windows 10 and setting up OBS Ponk for also helping me with set up EasyDanger for also following me early Cheatyface4 for taking the cats that Kona made and turning them into sub badges, for taking my cat pictures and turning them into emotes, and for making the great space jump cat emote. To everyone who has complimented me on my commentary. This truly does not go unnoticed and I really appreciate it. And the rest of the SM speedrunning community for all the encouragement!

Conventions I'm involved in

I am part of an organization called The Mindbridge Foundation, supporting Science Fiction in all forms. We run the following conventions. [Gamicon]( Game Fair February 24-26, 2023 in Cedar Rapids, IA [Anime Iowa]( July 28-30, 2023 in Coralville, IA [ICON]( Science Fiction Convention October 13-15, 2023 in Cedar Rapids, IA
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This is me and my husband on our honeymoon. He says that his favorite video game is "Pong"!

This is me

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Yes, I played hockey for the San Jose fantasy camp!

These are my cats!

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