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Big testosterone energy


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I'm AkantoreX, I stream mostly Monster Hunter, but will occasionally stream other games as well. For business inquiries e-mail me on: Custom Commands are: !fart !fart2 !fart3 !fart4 !goofy !back !canta !dudum !error !fine !holdon !letsgo !superfart !illuminati !oof !oof2 !sad !srs !sus !wow !megafart

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You can donate by clicking on the "DONATE" banner above, or by using this link: Donation money would go to: - Stream Equipment - New PC


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I'm usually tweeting about MH related stuff. Sometimes I post selfies, hamsters, my speedruns and sometimes I just post (wholesome) memes.


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I have a YouTube and, uh, I do speedruns and commentary videos. I plan on expanding in the future, but for now, that's all I do. Here's the link for the people who are too lazy to click on the panel: