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Alex is the name and welcome to this stream. Basic Questions : ++Do you play games? - Yes, Currently dipping between Genshin Impact and Guilty Gear Strive. But expect any random games ++What are your hobbies? - Art is the main one, after which is D&D as I currently DM two campaigns followed by martial arts and musical instruments. ++When did you start drawing? - Earliest I remember is 2001, started digital in 2014 Ask me anything in chat, you shall have my attention. Remember to @ me
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+ [Deviantart]( + [Twitter]( + [Youtube]( + [Discord](
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+ Windows 10 64-Bit +AMD-FX Eight Core 4.0Ghz +16GB RAM DDR3 (2 Sticks) +AMD R9 8GB +Dual Monitors (23" Inch LG) +Clip Sudio Paint EX +Wacom Intous Medium
Panel Content (old) Follow me and other amazing artists in [Art Insomniacs](
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