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!help !lurk !music and more to come..?

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i really don't have one as of now but i love you all the same for showing up

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Q: what is my mane weapon in mh? A: sns but i can play every other just as well Q:what is your top 5 favorite monsters? A: 5. Plesioth 4. Lagiacrus 3. Rathian 2. brachydios 1. zin. Q: What is my favorite kind of playstyle ? A: off the walls gimmicks i prefer the more fun way to play

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call me True or Tz. i'm a great strategist. I love mhgen, mhw and now mh rise i'm working on gimmick mix set and feel free to give your ideas. helping others is my favorite thing to do is help other hunters so fell free to ask 4 help