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TSGpresents streams Shovel Knight, Dragon's Lair and Day of the Tentacle.

About TSG Presents

TSG Presents is a place where members of the community stream. Our main events are streamed on Our next marathon starts on July 14 - 19th @ 6pm central. We will be playing Final Fantasy around the clock for St. Jude

Community Fundraiser

TSG presents a fundraiser for our longtime community member and dedicated volunteer, Blaumagier! He's offered a lot of time and equipment over the years to improve our charity marathons, and he and his family are attending the upcoming Final Fantasy marathon. As he is a recent father, us here at TSG are happy to help give back. After all, his son could possibly be the future of our events. Disclaimer: TSG totally isn't some kind of cult or anything.

Community Fundraiser Schedule

Schedule for the Community Fundraiser:
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Please consider subscribing to our main channel, ! Subscriptions go toward helping us ship prizes for our charity events and upgrading our equipment. You'll also get our sub emotes.

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From left to right: tsgtvSadTyler , tsgtvChaseFace , tsgtvLocal , tsgtvPhil , tsgtvToast , tsgtvAlan
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Click the image above for a direct link to our schedule! Our consistent shows on TSG.TV are as follows: **GendarmeOfficer**: Mon @ 4PM & Wed @ 8PM **Metalman**: Mon & Thursdays @ 11PM **Kairamek**: Tues @ 8PM & Thurs @ 2PM **Untuxable**: Fridays @ 11AM *(All times Central GMT -6)* For a complete TSG.TV schedule check out our [Google Calendar](