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just a moonflower queen who jumped into the vtuber rabbit hole


Welcome to the Moon Garden! I am Yui, the moonflower queen! This is where I mostly hang out when I wanna chill and relax with everyone! I will be doing my streams mostly here on Twitch. I speak Filipino and English but I mostly speak Filipino because I'm not that confident in my English 'w')/ I wanna learn JP too! Tags: Fans: haven't decided yet Memes: #yuimemes Art: #tsukihanart Live: #yuilive


The rules are pretty much basic! ⁕ No doxxing, revealing any information regardless of whoever that VStreamer is. ⁕ No comparison of any VStreamer to another VStreamer. ⁕ Please be nice! No harassment in the chat. ⁕ No bullying. ⁕ No spamming. ⁕ If something is happening in my stream (probably frame dropping or buffering), please do tell me! Because it's sucks to have a potet pc.


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Donations are not necessary though, but are highly appreciated! Click the panel image to proceed~ All donations will go to my living expenses and building a pc set up. Most of the donations will go towards the improvement of my streams and to charity. If you've decided to donate, thank you so much for supporting me qwq Also, donations are final and non-refundable.


Don't expect me to be good in games. I will mostly play games that my pc can handle in streaming. Here are the games that I will mostly play in stream! ⁕ Minecraft ⁕ League of Legends ⁕ VALORANT ⁕ Horror RPGMaker ⁕ Other horror games ⁕ And more to discover in the future!


Links and socials! Make sure to check them out. ⁕ Twitter: ⁕ Donate uwu ⁕ Art パパ ⁕ L2D ママ ⁕ BGM Selden Maroon#4144