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Jellyfish cat VTuber here ଳ ଳ ଳ Im Tsukiri (ツキリ) but you can call me Tsuki too💜 Join me for comfy streams and Apex games ଳ

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ଳ Hewwo, I'm Tsukiri Hibiki a jellyfish cat~ ଳ I'm an introvert with chill vibes so expect some chill comfy streams from me c: ଳ Follow me on [twitter]( to get notified on when I'm streaming and interact with me there! **🎐Stream info:** ★Timezone: GMT+8, SGT **Commands** !collab (see my collab partners) !socials (follow me on my socials) !game (see what game I'm playing) !tip (donate to me)


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All donation are greatly appreciated 💜 All funds will be invested to the stream and future model Please note donations are non-refundable.
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⚠ Don't be an asshole ⚠ Keep the chat in English please!! ⚠ Any form of racism, politics, bullying, harassment will result in a warning and timeout! ⚠ x2 warning and you'll get banned ⚠ No backseat unless I mentioned it's okay ⚠ Do not promote other channels


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Thank you to these people for making it all possible 💜💜💜 __**Tsukiri Model:**__ ଳ Art mama: [IcecreamParfait]( ଳ Rigging papa: [Koi_Vtuber]( __**Posh Model:**__ ଳ Art & Rig: [Pichuurisu]( ଳ Profile picture: [_a_hiro]( ଳ Banner: [Kiiyei]( ଳ Emotes: -JAM, WEH, POSH, Scuffkarp emotes: me -Wigglybois: [BB_Butterbean]( -Peek, DUM, Cheer, Shingg: [Ruikarou]( -SHOOK: [SakuraLiaVtuber]( ଳ Minecraft skins: **Commissions OPEN** [Me](