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Hi my name is Bryon and I enjoy video games and having fun. If you want to see some awesome content, check me out here!! Youtube: Instagram: @jegxjuggalo316 Twitter: @JEGxJuggalo #RoseSquad #HatchetmanArmy #TEAMBACON

Who is The Juggalo?!!!

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What's Good everyone!!! It's your friendly neighborhood Juggalo here and i'm just a friendly guy who loves playing video games and having fun in general. My goal/dream is to be able to make videos on Youtube/livestream on Twitch full time and to make as many people as possible feel happy!! Thank you in advance for checking me out and if you enjoy what your watching, please hit me up with a follow and i will greatly appreciate it!!!

Interesting Facts about the Juggalo

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1: What is your name? A: Bryon Dickerson, but my friends call me Juggalo. The Name JEGxJuggalo(which is also my GamerTag on Xbox) came about when i ran an online gaming community called Jagged Edge Gaming. and I kept it because it look cool to me. 2: What Games do you Play? A: I play all sorts of games but I really enjoy games like Call of Duty, Rock Band, Yugioh, and any game that has a great story. 3: What is your favorite colors? A: Black, Green, and Blue 4: What is your favorite Flavors of Faygo? A: Moon Mist and Cream Soda 5: What consoles are you playing on? A: Xbox One and PS4 6: Do you play with others? A: Yes, I play with FOLLOWER'S, SUBSCRIBER'S, and VIEWERS!!! as long as your not a Troll or a Douchebag!!! 7: Can you add me to the game? A:It depends on what i'm playing at the time. 8: Can I join the party? A: Those I play with and talk to regularly are able to be in my party. If I am gaming with you I will more than likely party with you. 9: Can I be a Moderator? A: If you are a loyal follower and watch my stream on a regular basis I will probably make you a moderator. Trust isn't given it's earned... 10: Ask an inappropriate comment or question? A: You will receive 1 warning. Also, depending on what was said can result in you being timed out or immediately banned. 11: Why do you stream? A: I stream because I love to make people laugh, to bring positivity to someones day, and to just have fun overall. 12: Are you single? A: I'm happily married to my wife of 8+ yrs 13: When is your birthday? A: Sept. 6, 1981 14: How old are you? A: 39 15: Zodiac Sign? A: Virgo 16: What are the color of your eyes? A: Green/Hazel 17: Where are you from? A: I was born in and currently reside in Greensboro, N.C. 18: How long have you been a "Juggalo"? A: I have been Down with the Clownz since their album "The Great Malienko" 19: Why is Your Rock Band stream replays muted? A: Due to Copyright conerns, Twitch mutes anything that could cause CopyRight issues on their streaming service. if you want to hear the music from my Rock Band Streams, then you'll have to be in the stream to hear it.(Sorry but there is nothing I can do about it!!!) 20: Why do you not talk during streams? A: It's because at the moment, my Xbox Chat Cable is broken and I currently am in the process of getting it replaced.

The Juggalo's Shoutout Section

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The Juggalo says to go check out these Most Awesome Twitch and Youtube channels and Give them a follow and/or a Sub!!! Team Bacon: Hypergraphia's Youtube: Hypergraphia's Twitch: Eirylin's Twitch: Eirylin's Youtube: MainManLobo's Twitch: The Rose Squad: TheVirginRose's Twitch: TheVirginRose's Youtube: TheVirginRose's Twitter: TheVirginRose's Instagram: LolliPopKiller4569's Twitch: Other Homie's Channels: Raiderkiller2277 DemonXGoku666 JRBpsychopathic:


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This is my Youtube channel!! I have tons of awesome videos. so please check out the freshness and hit me up with a Sub!!!!


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This is my Official Twitter page!!! Please drop me a follow for awesome content from me!!!!!!


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This is my Official Instagram Page!!! Please drop by and hit me up with a follow for photos of my daily life and more awesome content!!!!

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If you enjoy watching me play, please donate to the stream by clicking the image above. Any and all donations will be put back into the stream to improve your viewing enjoyment!! If you decide to donate, please inform me in chat as I stream on xbox and do not run a ticker. Let me say in advance that I thank every donation, no matter how large or small, every little bit helps. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.