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Ringmistress of the Circus! A treasured place hidden to escape the limelight and enjoy Real down to earth vibes. 420 Mommy Gamer on Laptop, Xbox, & PS (Whatever the hell I feel like playing)! Yes I'm a lady for the slow ones! If no one told you, I love you! Now lets have a beer and play some games!

Twisted Azz Creations

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Introducing my new store on Etsy! This is where I will put all merch related to the stream. I will also have overlay designs for sale, as well as merchandise made with my new design "Gone & Back Again". Thank you for all the support that I have been receiving! It is heavily appreciated.

Twisted Tips

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I will never ask for money. Haven’t done it before and won’t start now. This is only if you wish to contribute. Money will go towards repairs for my laptop and upgrades to produce better content.

Feed Twisted w/ Consent

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Dis bihh dont always eat like she is supposed to. If you would like to help make sure that she do, feel free to hit the link. Thank You in Advance! *Don't worry, Baby doll has a few favorites in there as well. Made sure not to leave her out.